How old do you need to be to start driving lessons?

17 years old, however you can take part in off road driving lessons from the age of 16.

Can you take Driving Lessons without a Provisional Driving License?

Essentially no, before you can start driving lessons you must hold a provisional licence. If you are not in possession you will have to apply for one from the DVLA.

What is the minimum eyesight requirement for driving?

You must be able to read a number plate from 20 meters (with or without glasses).

How many lessons will it take to pass my driving test?

This is all dependant on the students driving ability, a guide from the DVLA states that on average a student will require an average 47 hours of paid tuition from an approved driving instructor (ADI).

Do I need to have passed my theory test in order to book a practical driving test?

Yes, you will be required to input the theory test certificate number at the time of booking your practical test.

How do I book a theory test?

Either by visiting www.gov.uk/book-theory-test or by calling 0300 200 1122

How do I revise for my theory test?

There are good number of books to assist you, along with the Highway Code. Also, there are a good number of revision applications on both Google Play and the Apple iStore.

How do I book a practical driving test?

Either by visiting www.gov.uk/book-driving-test or by calling 0300 200 1122

Which test centres are covered?
Morden Driving Test Centre 
10 Tudor Drive 

Tolworth Driving Test Centre 
Douglas House
1b Douglas Road

Croydon Driving Test Centre
111 Canterbury Road
Greater London
What are the costs of booking my theory and practical test?

Theory Test £23

Practical Test (Monday to Friday) £63

Practical Test (Saturdays) £75

What do you need to have with you on test day?

Your provisional, Theory pass test certificate, along with a car that meets the requirements for test.

Will I use the training vehicle for test?

Yes you will take your test using the vehicle you learnt in.

If I was to receive a disqualification period on my full driving license in the first two years, what would I be required to do?

You would be required to re-sit your Theory and Practical tests again.

Do you offer discounts on block booking?

Yes, please see the special offer page.