Practical Driving Test

The Practical Driving Test…. the day that each learner dreads!

After you have successfully learnt how to drive to the required test standard, between yourself and your Approved Driving Instructor you will then discuss booking your Practical Driving Test.

Booking your driving test will cost from £62 and can be booked vis the link below:-

On the day of your test your Formula Jon Driving School Instructor, will pick you up around 60 minutes before your test start time.

The first hour will consist of a 30-minute warm up a drive to your chosen Driving Test Centre. Once there you will be reminded of the key test day do’s and don’ts by your Instructor, before heading into the test centre to meet your examiner.

Once you and the examiner exit the Test Centre, your Practical Test will begin.

You can request your Instructor to sit in the vehicle during the test, however they will play no part in the test itself and will be there only as an observer.

So, what happens during the test?

Essentially the test has five parts to it and is the same if you are taking your test in an Automatic or a Manual Car.

These are:

· An Eyesight Check – You will be asked to read a VRM (vehicle registration mark) form 20 meters.

· ‘Show me, tell me’ Vehicle Safety Questions – You will be asked a couple of questions in relation to vehicle safety. A link of these questions can be found here.

Show me tell me

· General Driving Ability – You will be expected to drive following route directions given by your examiner. This general drive could also include an Emergency Stop request.

· Reversing your vehicle – You be asked to complete one of four reverse manoeuvres.

· Independent Drive – This will account for around twenty minutes of your test and will either be done following road signs, or a satellite navigation (sat nav) route.

How long does the test last?

The driving test will last for around 40 minutes, unless you have been ordered to take an extended driving test. An extended driving test is only ordered after a driving ban and is 70 mins in duration.

During the test the examiner will complete a Driving Test Report where they will record any faults made during your driving test.

What do you need to achieve in order to pass you test?

You must not accumulate more than 15 Driver Faults or any Serious or Dangerous Driver Faults.

If you accumulate 5 Driver Faults in one specific area, this was result in a Serious Fault being recorded and you will be unsuccessful in passing your driving test.

When will I be informed of my test result?

At the conclusion of the Practical Test and upon arrival at the Test Centre your examiner will inform you of the test result. They will then ask you if you would like them to give you a de-brief which you can invite your Instructor to listen to.

If you have been successful, a Practical Driving Test Certificate will be issued to you by the examiner. This will then act as your Full Driving License, enabling you to drive whilst waiting for your License to arrive by post.

They will also ask if you would like them to send your provisional license off, on your behalf. This is certainly the easiest option for you, however if you chose to do this yourself it can be done by completing a form at most Post Offices.

After your test has been completed your driving instructor will the drop you off to a pre agreed place.

If you have been successful, along with a couple of (standard smiling, certificate and car) photographs, we would ask and encourage you to submit a review about the service both Formula Jon Driving School and your Instructor have provided. As it’s the reviews from our past students that helped us attract new customers like yourselves in the first place!

“Formula Jon Driving School, the Fast lane to Driving Test Success”