Theory Test

The Theory Test

As part of the process of obtaining a full driving licence. The Driver Vehicle and Standards Agency require you to sit and pass a Category B (car) Theory test.

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About the Test….

The Test consists of 50 Multiple Choice Questions, each correct answer scoring you One Mark. This is then followed by 14 Hazard Perception Videos. One video contains two hazards carrying a maximum of 10 marks (five marks per hazard). The others carry a maximum of 5 marks, with only one hazard per video.

Q. So what’s the pass mark?

The pass mark for the Multiple-Choice Questions is 43 out of 50 and the pass mark for the Hazard perception videos is 47 out of 75.

Q. Do I need to Pass both the Hazard and Theory parts in order to Pass the test?


Q. How long does the test last?

You will have up to 57 minutes to complete the questions before the Hazard Perception videos begin. Each of these videos will last approximately 60 seconds.

Q. When can I do my Theory Test and how can I book it?

You can take your theory test as soon as you turn 17, however there is nothing stopping you studying before that 17th Birthday.

Theory tests are best booked direct on the link below, costing just £23.

Book your theory test here


There are other websites that claim to book it and find you the earliest available test. But be careful, this service comes with an additional cost to you!

If you cannot pass that Theory Test, Don’t Panic. Formula Jon Driving School and your Dedicated Approved Driving Instructor are here to help you…

Its very easy to get caught in that vicious circle of Failing the Questions, Passing the Hazard Perception on the first attempt and then Passing the Questions and Failing the Hazard Perception the next time round. We’ve even heard of students getting lucky at the 13th attempt!

Sometimes this is all down to nerves and or pressure, but realistically it’s just a result of a lack of revision and thinking your just turn up and pass! No test is easy, if you don’t put the work in.

Formula Jon Driving School Instructors will not only cover the associated theory for each practical topic you are taught but offer FREE Theory Test assistance.

All instructors are knowledgeable and will be able to answer any questions relating to the Theory Test, that you don’t or are struggling to understand.

We also recommend utilising Smartphone Applications and the following reading material. To assist you with your studies and study for at least four weeks before booking that first test.

Recommended Reading Material

  1. The Highway Code
  2. Know your traffic Signs

Recommended Applications DVSA official Theory Test Kit

DVSA – Official Theory Test Kit

Android Devices – Google Play Store

Apple iOS Devices – Apple App Store

Theory Test Kit 4 in 1

Android Devices – Google Play Store

Apple iOS Devices – Apple App Store

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