Areas Covered

Driving Lessons – Areas Covered

Formula Jon Driving School is based in Sutton and provides driving instruction for pupils in the following areas:-

SM Postcodes – Sutton

The SM postcode area, also known as the Sutton postcode area, is a group of seven postcode districts in England which are subdivisions of five post towns. These postcode districts cover part of south-west London, as well as a small part of north Surrey.

KT Postcodes – Kingston

The KT postcode area, also known as the Kingston upon Thames postcode area,is a group of 24 postcode districts in England which are subdivisions of 19 post towns. These postcode districts cover parts of southwestern Greater London and northern Surrey.

Driving Lessons in KT

Driving Test Centre
Douglas House
1B Douglas Road
Greater London

CR Postcodes – Croydon

The CR postcode area, also known as the Croydon postcode area, is a group of nine postcode districts in England, which are subdivisions of ten post towns in southern Greater London and north-east Surrey.

CR Postcode driving Lessons

Driving Test Centre
111 Canterbury Road
Greater London